As a spiritual coach I can guide you the awakening of your authentic self

 “Life is like trying to put a complex jigsaw puzzle together with no accurate picture of the final image.”


Create a new narrative for yourself and humankind.

For the past fifty years, the components of relationships, conflict, and inspiration have been Ken's primary focus. He qualified as a Negotiator,  Mediator, and conflict resolution specialist. Ken had a distinguished career in both the public and private sectors.  His internal support system came from a profound study uncovering the unconscious impulses that ran so much of his life. He is an accomplished Public Speaker and workshop facilitator. In 1990 intuition guided him to an Akashic record channeler. Ken found out his actual role in this incarnation was to absorb knowledge about the purpose of spirituality because one day, he would be sought out and asked many questions.

Ken changed course and took on the ultimate mediation: coming to balance within himself. He has spent the last 30 years traveling the world, learning, and researching how to attain and evolve a compassionate self-awareness for all sentient beings.

Self-Awareness is a god-given gift, embrace it.

Let intuition guide you

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