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Updated: Jan 14

2022 Time is running out.

Looking for inspiration to ignite the urge to send a message into 2022 I found the piece below that I wrote last March. the metaphor struck me as being even more relevant 9 months later.

Our bodies are organic algorithms, constructed to be the cradle in which consciousness births our awareness of the third dimension. Looking at the bigger picture I propose that each life form on this planet is an algorithmic piece of a jigsaw called Oneness.

Consciousness powers the seeds of life. Self-awareness powers our expansion and the appreciation of the potential to taste rather than just conceptualize the attributes of the fruits of life

Looking or just touching the fruits growing in the grove of spirituality is an incomplete experience. You can touch a peach on the tree and pass on information about its color and form. But only when you take a bite can you genuinely claim you had an entirely personal experience with the peach.

The expansion of self-awareness is a fantastic experience. I came to appreciate a sense of connection with all beings

I endeavor to remain balanced amidst the pandemic of fear that is causing many different polarities to spread misinformation causing separation and loss of connection often with members of our closest family. Fear and cause us to doubt our own ability to discern rather than be taken in by the siren calls of the circus barkers that inhabit all forms of media. you can hear the words sense the drama and the fearful information being disseminated without recourse to our reason and self-examination and discernment. Humanity is at a critical point

I propose to ensure the survival of our species/ we have to make solid individual commitments to dissipate the wave of fear that is ruling our lives. Namely, by questioning our fixed opinions and our need to be correct; giving in to fear is optional. While it is normal to experience fear or anxiety in certain situations, we can adjust our fear responses depending on our knowledge or circumstances. For example, being woken up by loud blasts and bright lights late at night might evoke a fear reaction. But if you have seen and heard fireworks before, your knowledge will likely prevent fear reactions.

I encourage us to take time to reflect in whatever way works for you. let’s make 2022 a year where we take some deep breathes before we react and opinionate on external things just because they are making the loudest noise or trigger a fear response in you.

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