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Updated: Jan 25

A New Beginning.

The first week of 2021 is one that will forever be significant in terms of the evolution of humanity! I was exhilarated on the 5th of January and was astonished at the blessing of the 6th of January. Exhilarated, astonishment, and blessing may sound like strange words to use about the events that occurred on these days. Events which many have already labeled fundamentally shocking and shameful. So, what is the basis for my viewpoint? Those of you who are familiar with my work** will not be surprised because, from my perspective, I see humankind as having entered a period of opportunity to create a new narrative for our future, one which is inclusive of all sentient life and accept that all are equal in the eyes of the Divine. I see the pandemic as an instrument of change. Change is never smooth and will always be regarded as pretty indiscriminate in its methodology: A point that is painfully obvious in terms of human suffering while at the same time creating new channels of communication by opening our eyes and hearts to the hypocrisy of our present values. A perfect example is a huge difference in how the authorities handled the riot on the 6th of January.

A debrief is appropriate to find out how there was such a huge disparity in treatment in those involved on the sixth and the brutality meted out to the BLM protestors in 2020. Perhaps, rather than rubbing the open wound of hypocrisy, we could take a breath and ask would you really have liked to see such violence re-enacted on a group so incensed that's there's could have been an indiscriminate firefight between the extreme minority looking for an excuse to use their weapons.....can you imagine the casualties and the consequences had that happened? Do not forget that the dissenters' cohort is some 70 million strong!

Whether the lapse in security was due to incompetence, passive-aggressive support of the MAGA cause, or the effects of shear shock of the unprecedented site of thousands of angry white marchers converging on the capitol buildings: in my view, the response was a blessing in disguise.

Is it not astonishing that the lack of authoritative initiative defused a potential time-bomb? Of course, there is a sense of grief that the disenfranchised rage tarnished a sacred place. I say 'disenfranchised rage' because these people feel a huge sense of being ignored. Like the BLM marchers, they had nothing to lose. Please do not tell me that there has never been a moment when you have wished you could get even with someone who had disrespected you?

Yes, let us call to account those who incited violence, which inflicted property damage (another potential scenario might have been many fellow Americans who could have been damaged). Was our desire for retribution and uncontrollable reactive indignation really a response to the icy fingers of fear? Fear that the status quo was about to be destroyed! But hopefully! We can take on board that 'one person's pain infects us all even if we don't acknowledge it.

From my standpoint, we got through the first challenge in our journey to the future where self-awareness and compassion will return us to fulfilling our full potential to elevate our civilization into adulthood. That opportunity is the basis of my exhilaration.

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