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Updated: Jan 14

The black clouds of fear and terror in our life come on with the same ferocity as a sudden intense tropical downpour: when floodwaters with no mercy overpower all the vulnerable low-lying land. The approaching black clouds signal the build-up to these downpours. In our personal lives, emotion can surface like a tidal wave. The warning is that we can sense the black cloud hanging over us before the full-blown onset of fear, Yet, we often refuse to take the necessary preventative precautions. People emotionally distressed cannot acknowledge that fear is overpowering rationality.

In hindsight, when we are rational and realize the folly of our actions, we see the other options to the emotional urges of the fear: actions triggered by ancient survival prerogatives buried deep in our unconscious.

All sentient life has a startle /fear trigger, and this is essentially an unconscious defensive response that floods our body with adrenaline. I have discovered what happens next in such circumstances depends on how quickly my awareness can kick in to rationalize the source.

The present Covid pandemic has seen many highly emotional, responses often ill-conceived tribal, conspiratorial, distrustful of science, resentful, and selfish. Some perspectives are idealistic, humane, caring, and loving. Unfortunately, the power structures that dictate societal directions can stifle these qualities. Even the most compassionate person can be swayed by the fearful tentacles of power that subtly wrap around them and squeeze their empathy dry.

So, are we doomed to be ruled by fear triggered by these ancient survival attributes? Is there truly no hope for our redeeming qualities: love, compassion, caring, to swell up and create unity in our 'Oneness'? I say yes, there is hope.

I propose to ensure the survival of our species; we have to make solid individual commitments to dissipate the wave of fear that is ruling our lives. Namely, questioning our fixed opinions and our need to be correct; giving in to fear is optional. While it is normal to experience fear or anxiety in certain situations, we can adjust our fear responses depending on our knowledge or circumstances. For example, being woken up by loud blasts and bright lights nearby might evoke a fear reaction. But if you have experienced fireworks before, your knowledge will likely prevent such reactions and allow you to watch without fear.

Many decades ago, I went through a phase where I was a cynical observer of the fear that devote religious folk harbor, namely, a massive fear of being taken in by the Devil. A thin layer of compassion did not hide the judgment in my body, and I was arrogant enough to announce that; I was frightened of some Devil! Eventually, after lots of interior archeology, I did indeed find a big cache of well-disguised fear: fear of commitment, fear of abandonment, fear of sexual encounters. I could only open to people under certain circumstances. I needed to feel I was needed but was unaware that the problems were all anchored in my subconscious and my heart was closed off. I did not want to feel vulnerable.

Today I feel a sense of bitterness. Bitterness is a broad brush stroke for a more precise emotion: Deep anguished disappointment. My heart hurts when I see the arrogance and ignorance that obscures the light of humanity's soul. I feel that society can make the required commitment to step forward and sweep away the emotional dust hiding the inner light of our innate heartfelt integrity.

Our mainstream beliefs and cultural traditions have halted and suppressed the evolution of our awareness. Fear has hindered many advances that threatened and challenged the views and fixed positions propounded by mainstream scientific/religious thinking. One does not have to dig very deep in the graveyards of unexplored anomalies hidden in museums, universities, and religious vaults to come across what might be objects, glitches in some theory, or discoveries, buried in the rhetoric of controversy designed to keep the status quo.

Currently, one classic example is the controversy about who built the Giza pyramids. Mainstream academics and cultural traditions stubbornly hold onto their hallowed version that the pyramids were built by Pharaoh Khufu 4600 years ago as a burial chamber. They do so despite rigorous evidence that more ancient and advanced beings were the architects. Why? Because to concede would create a colossal upheaval threatening the established views causing many to lose status with consequences for their careers. In the eyes of the Egyptians, such an admission would cast a slur on the abilities of their ancestors.

I want to paraphrase a quote from a new book* by Mary Bennett and David Percy that eloquently summarizes the situation.

"Changing long-established ideas or even seriously considering another viewpoint when it requires stepping out of the psychological comfort zone of the individual or organization lead to cognitive dissonance. At that point, to maintain the status quo, logic flies right out of the window, and emotions take over, and they will go to any length to maintain the status quo."

My previous essay, called Radical Truth**discussed that humans consistently lie to themselves about themselves and live in fear of being exposed. I can see it is more comfortable not to challenge the status quo of our life story; on the other hand, I can't think of anyone who would not wish for less stress and worry in their lives. Stress and worry have their roots in fear exaggerated by emotion and manipulation because we need to be correct. Equally, I am sure very few want to witness the extinction of our species.

Humanity's journey to consciousness then self-awareness is fuelled by the friction between the equal forces of negative and positive polarities. If we strive for a balance of understanding that both sides are equally strong, we must choose which side we want to support: fear or love? Negativity has grabbed world headlines because fear and disaster sell newspapers. Negativity is indulging in desperate tactics to maintain power. Look around, and you will find plenty of examples: corruption, greed, and hatred which indicates that the Positive polarity must be a real threat. That realization gives me hope.

We can evolve to a new state of awareness that embraces and includes all sentient beings. That state is called Unity Consciousness.

This subject is covered more intensively in my book 'The Algorithm of Consciousness.'

*Alien Intelligence and the Pathway to Mars by Mary Bennett with David S Percy

** published on the Facebook page, 'The Algorithm of Consciousness.'



Sit thoughts quietly swirl around your mind

All thoughts arise from the essence that is


Each unique spark drew from the well of consciousness

Shines with love, vibrates with fear, sighs' in sadness or

Laughs from joy.

These feelings, these qualities, are the golden thread

Of interconnectivity in the tapestry of Oneness.

Listen, let these feelings come forward into your awareness.

Welcome and cherish each feeling with a simple HELLO.

You are embarking on the most vital, most vibrant relationship.

The relationship with your SELF.

As you do this, the cloak of isolation drops from your shoulders

You cry with joy as love flows through you, releasing all tension, all fear

You are not alone. At this moment, you feel no boundaries.

With certainty, Oneness is consciousness, and consciousness is all about relationships.

The well of consciousness is clear, loving, and infinite.


Do you feel a storm blowing through your mind?

Is your breath hot and robust?

A suppressed urge.

A flustered response.

A polite smile: authenticity lost.

A breeze of discomfort becomes an angry wind.

Do you feel the storm blowing through your mind?

An unserved need.

An unloved truth.

Not standing strong: the connection is broken.

You lose yourself in a storm of emotion.

Step back from the stage; don't play the act in your mind.

Breathe deep, breathe slow.

Sink deep within.

Find peace at the moment, let your true self smile,

And the gentle breeze of love will caress your mind.

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