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We are all pieces of a vast divine jigsaw puzzle

I am often asked how I receive the information I write about. 'Do you channel a guide/guides? Does the message come through a trance state? How do you prepare? Do you go into meditation? Do your guides have names, and where are they from? Which star system?

My simple answer, none of the above. When I was younger, I always envied channels that went into a trance state then delivered the message from some alien master. I am in no way denigrating or invalidating any of these methods or the messages they deliver.

I wanted to share what I knew but was not ready to expose myself and take responsibility for the words I spoke because I could not ascribe them to a named higher power. Two things were in play; I was too wrapped up in spiritual ego; all my information came from books, not personal experience. So yes, I was happy to be the messenger and interpreter of some other author's work. Second (although I did not know it at the time), I was listening to my intuition telling me it was not time for me to step forward. (I will write more about this later)

The prime example of this process is found in every essay I posted on my Facebook page, The Algorithm of Consciousness. All the essays were commentaries on quotes I had extracted with permission from the author from the book, 'The Reality of Time.'

When I presented the first draft of my book derived from these essays to professional reviewers, one of the most direct comments was, "Is the author paying you to write this commentary on her work?" The other piercing comment was. "Why do we know so little about you? How do you expect readers to take anything you say on board when they know nothing about you?"

Both these comments struck a chord that I had long repressed, and its vibration wakened up a new determination in me: I did have something I wanted to say. I had a forty-year spiritual journey to draw from! Synchronistically I had just read an article investigating the phenomenon of channeling. I learned the name for my method, 'Gnosis,' the direct infusion of information and knowledge that arrives without notice or regard for time or location. This was exactly my experience; the downloads arrived with no effort on my part.

They come in a combination of words, images, and feelings. I have no sense of the source other than checking the transmission's integrity. Does it feel clean? Are there prescriptive words like 'right,' 'only,' or 'should. in transcription? My nom de plume for the transmitters' is The Universe.' Sometimes I am just given a sentence or an image; other times, all elements are simultaneously presented in a blink of an eye (perhaps the 3rd eye), and I have to hold onto that bundle until I can reach pen and paper.

The Gnosis explanation opened up a whole new scene, and memories flooded back to childhood when my prescience was not appreciated. Back then, it was hard for me because I thought what I was saying would be obvious to anyone. I had no concept that this was a gift inherent in all humans but rarely accessed and discouraged.

Today I am honored to be the recipient of these downloads as one trance channel told me she wished she had my ability and not be responsible for preparing, and indeed she was never aware of what she was saying in her trance state.

I want to share the latest download with you, which has ended the hiatus that has been in effect since I finished the book eight weeks ago.

One of the most striking downloaded sentences in the book is, "Life is like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle without having an image or picture of the finished product." Apparently, the guides enjoyed the complimentary response from reviewers because they employed the same theme in the latest download. I was sipping coffee in my favorite cafe, idly watching folk. Suddenly a strange picture formed in my awareness: a mirror was lying on a table with a completed jigsaw face down on it. The complementary narrative ran visually and verbally:

"Imagine that every piece displays the face of every human on the planet. They all see themselves as separate individuals rigidly hemmed in by circumstance and boundaries. They are aware that there seems to be something unknown just out of sight, but for most, the unknown is scary and is only discussed with those to whom they are connected too as pieces. A jigsaw piece can have many attributes, all of it Yin, or all Yang. Other pieces can be a mixture of Yin and Yang, and these attributes mold how the piece interacts with its surroundings. In the big picture, the table, the mirror, and the puzzle exist in a dynamic universe. Occasionally, an object collides with the table, causing it to shake and move, an effect that disturbs and alters the mirror's status quo and the puzzle lying on it. For humanity, this is traumatic, a seismic event! Individual pieces become dislodged, and the individuals get a glimpse of a more expansive reality. In others, it awakens the memory they have of seeing and experiencing amazing things during the construction of the puzzle. They can no longer tolerate the blinkered existence they find themselves in. For the vast majority, the sudden change, like a huge quake, creates fear as their beliefs and vision's rigidity is broken. I should interject here to point out that these big picture events constantly happen on a timescale set by higher intelligence (the universe). What may feel like hundreds or thousands of years to the jigsaw is just another day in the multiverse. Also, when they feel a special wake-up call is needed, the mirror itself will be moved."

I propose we are just riding the first wave of a major mirror movement. It cracked: meaning reality for the jigsaw pieces (humanity) will never be the same again.

The question is, what can we do to help this upgrade for humanity? A new narrative for humanity needs to be developed. The jigsaw puzzle pieces need to turn and face that they will only survive by working together to create a picture of Unity that can embrace new dimensions of loving.

I want to close with a little anecdote about the Universe's methods of getting the messenger's attention. I loved jigsaws as a child and always wanted a space in the home for a table where I could set up and work on the most complex puzzles.

Two weeks before lockdown, I was in my usual busy coffee shop. There only two spaces available. I chose one and put my cup down when an internal voice said, "No, sit at the one behind that!" I listen to my intuition, so I moved. Half an hour later, I looked up from my writing about quantum physics and saw a young woman sitting next to me, immersed in typing. There was a book on the table close to her. Curious, I glanced to see its title, but I could only read the word Quantum. I asked what she was studying, "Human Design," she responded.

That was the start of collaboration and firm friendship. I recently asked Kelly's permission to include this story in my book as it was a great example of the present moment's vast potential. She agreed but was insistent that the word Quantum was not on the cover of her book. "I can see that book cover with the word on it in my mind's eye," I said.

Her explanation: "Sometimes, the universe uses the most appropriate tool for the job, and you saw what was needed to draw you forward.


Sit thoughts quietly swirl around your mind

All thoughts arise from the essence that is


Each unique spark drew from the well of consciousness

Shines with love, vibrates with fear, sighs' in sadness or

Laughs from joy.

These feelings, these qualities, are the golden thread

Of interconnectivity in the tapestry of Oneness.

Listen, let these feelings come forward into your awareness.

Welcome and cherish each feeling with a simple HELLO.

You are embarking on the most vital, most vibrant relationship.

The relationship with your SELF.

As you do this, the cloak of isolation drops from your shoulders

You cry with joy as love flows through you, releasing all tension, all fear

You are not alone. At this moment, you feel no boundaries.

You know with certainty Oneness is consciousness, and consciousness is all about relationship.

The well of consciousness is clear, loving, and infinite.


Do you feel a storm blowing through your mind?

Is your breath hot and strong?

A suppressed urge.

A flustered response.

A polite smile: authenticity lost.

A breeze of discomfort becomes an angry wind.

Do you feel the storm blowing through your mind?

An unserved need.

An unloved truth.

Not standing strong: the connection is broken.

You lose yourself in a storm of emotion.

Step back from the stage; don't play the act in your mind.

Breathe deep, breathe slow.

Sink deep within.

Find peace at the moment, let your true self smile,

And the gentle breeze of love will caress your mind.

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