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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The growing demand by women worldwide for equality will hopefully finally eliminate any form of ‘glass ceiling.’ If the balance between masculine and feminine energies can be reached, it will herald in a more inclusive and heartfelt approach to the family of humanity.

Should women smash or dissolve the Glass Ceilings?

On its face, equal pay for women engaged in the same jobs as men should be a no brainer. Why then, is it a bone of contention which plagues relationships across a broad spectrum of human activity? Misogyny and rigid patriarchal religious preaching's can be identified as the core pillars supporting the mantra of male superiority.

From my experience, misogyny is the product of circumstance and a Patriarchal environment that pretty much turns a blind eye to its practice.

"Patriarchy demands of men that they become and remain emotional cripples. Since it is a system that denies men full access to their freedom of will, it is difficult for any man of any class to rebel against patriarchy, to be disloyal to the patriarchal parent, be that parent female or male." ~ bell hooks

I have no doubt about the accuracy of the above quote. Still, it does not let Christian men and women off the hook from continuing to mandate without question the purveyors of beliefs such as the world is only 6000 years old (calculated using Genesis 1:1-5). Or that women should be subservient to men in all circumstances. They might as well be prescribing leaches as a cure-all for disease.

Throughout history, misogyny has been symptomatic of dysfunctional environments: abandonment in childhood, abuse, the glorifying of male violence, shaming, and parental role modeling can lay the bedrock in which the puss of misogyny festers. These factors are hidden for centuries in family 'vaults', uncomfortably for many, now out in the public domain and are therefore available for current revue and evaluation.

We still use the religious dogma to justify separation, war, and racial superiority was conceived in a world devoid of the resources and knowledge we have at our disposal today. Most holy scriptures were written well after the alleged events they describe took place. And were open to redaction by a minority who could read and had an agenda to fulfill. I have no doubt that many who dipped their pen into ink were doing the best they could with the information they had to hand, so to speak.

The extreme edges of liberalism and conservatism have much in common both are driven by certainty and righteousness. Both often subscribe to the mantra 'The ends justify the means' to defend their attempts to eradicate the greedy elite or corral the great unwashed.

Every organizational structure, whether it be the bell curve of individual extremes within our own psyche or, in the strengths and weaknesses of the best-intentioned pressure/revolutionary organization or non-profit.

Specifically, this brings me full circle back to the question posed in the Title: Should women smash or dissolve the glass ceiling?

My firm conviction that dissolving is a viable way of changing the paradigms of religious bigotry and patriarchy. For clarity, here is the contextual meaning of the words smash and dissolve:

Smash implies violence, revenge, whether in thought, words, or deed.

Dissolve infers time, process, understanding, cooperation, and in its most fluid form, forgiveness.

Women are superbly equipped to enter into the process of dissolving using all the attributes I listed above. Women also need to enlist the support of men who have evolved a balanced feminine aspect.

I understand the heated desire to get even with men, deprecate them for all the gross ignorant abuses they have perpetrated on the Feminine. This heat fuels dissent in the sisterhood and dissipates the effectiveness of the whole movement. One other key consequence is the same heat awakens the deeply held fear in men of being dominated by women full of unbridled determination. Men then close ranks backs against the wall and lash out or retreat into sullen passive aggression.

To illustrate what the process of dissolving might look like on a global scale. I want to share my experience confronting and dissolving the glass ceiling inside myself.

I have always been drawn to the feminine. Unquestionably part of that attraction was the possibility of sexual gratification. More importantly, I felt empathy, engagement, sensed willingness to connect and demonstrate caring for others. These attributes resonate with my desire to help others blossom.

The dysfunctional bipolar tendencies present in my parents, whom I loved, confused, and disgusted me. This manifested as profound disapproval of men's behavior in adulthood, and thus my glass ceiling was formed. I looked down in fear of judgmental women and looked up in anger and resentment at men's behavior, including some of my own.

This internal friction powered my spiritual journey down many roads until I realized that surrender was the way forward. I had to get into myself before I could get out of myself. I started by replacing my self-righteousness stare at men with the same warm eye; through I viewed women, I started to feel compassion for the trauma and violence buried in the male psyche. It is no wonder they don't want to engage their feelings.

When I looked from that open perspective, my own vulnerability became my strength. This leap of faith was a scary venture, but I can confirm that the joy of heart-based connection and a willingness to dismiss forgiveness and kindness as a weakness helped me dissolve my glass ceiling.

Should they choose to dissolve rather than smash, the Women's Movement has the heart energy needed to create the impetus and birth that has been called The Love Revolution. I can't think of a better title for the emergence of the feminine as the Mother of humanity's transition into Unity Consciousness.

Finally, I leave you with an example of an anthem that showcases the Divine Feminine heartfelt love vibrations of The Divine Feminine :

With many blessings for the courage and persistence of the Sisterhood.

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