A: Time to see the beauty of YOU



Choose the  session that  resonates for you.

All sessions are $85.00 per hour

These sessions are a one to one conversation to explore how you can access the source of your own inner wisdom and apply it to bring harmony, balance, and renewed purpose into your life.
My job is to listen to your communications intuitively, tease out potential areas of issue for you to exam in-depth, and work on a strategy to relieve any impediments to resolving the issues. I do not have prescriptive ‘must does’. I do not have a medical or psychology degree.
How you progress is entirely in your hands.
All sessions are strictly confidential.

B: Relationships your true potential

C: Let your light shine through

From Day One of the human existence, parents have passed the fruits of their life experiences onto their offspring. The most common legacy surrounds how we see ourselves. Are we good enough, intelligent enough, and so on? All issues of self-esteem are at the core of what haunts and restrict us throughout our lives. The conversation will be aimed at gently peeling back the layers of doubt that prevent you from seeing and feeling the beauty of who you truly are. I will work intuitively based on the information available at that moment.

the conversation in this session will center initially on reducing the heavy emotional content of this subject and building trust. my job in this session is to create a safe non-judgmental space and help you to maintain focus as you explore and identify the ties that have dominated your behavior. The important aspect of this session is neutrality. I will work intuitively based on the information available in that moment.  

You will be entering this session to bring clarity to the strong heartfelt awareness about the knowledge about who you are, and what your purpose is. Ironically, it can often be the case that while your self-awareness has already shone some light on your purpose you, however, have experienced difficulty in expressing that purpose. Often the barrier is caused by the fear of being alienated from your family and friends. My job will be to listen and pick up on and help you release unfinished business and the unconscious ties that have created the disquiet.